Renginio pradžia
2022-10-29 (Š)
Renginio pabaiga
2022-10-29 (Š)
Žaidimo tipas
MilSim 50% Clasic airsoft 50%
Greičio limitai
10 euro

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After the battle on 23.03.2022. The Taliban took control of most of the territory previously controlled by the U.S. The army lost all ammunition depots in that region and ammunition as well as personnel had to be supplied from another base on the other side of a remote mountain range. Lack of personnel and ammunition. The latter outpost was one of several US Army outposts established in northern Afghanistan. Located in a remote valley surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountains, the base was believed to be a death trap; troops stationed there faced regular Taliban attack.


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Similar game photo in facebook. CQB airsoft Liepaja

Specifinės taisyklės

Army play in helmets or boonie hats. Must use military uniform.

Taliban play without military helmets or boonie hats...must use headband or shemag or authentic clothing

No "Bam Bam" rulle... We die like real men!

All automatic guns 1.5joule. Or 125ms 0.2bb

Bolt sniper/dmr 2.2 joule save distance 20m and need side arm.

Home made granades 3 coursar.

Granades can be used till 21⁰⁰.

Smoke granade use only outside from buildings.

White smoke baned.

Limited bb amount per player. (600bb)

LMG max 4000bb

Dmr 300bb

Bolt snaiper 100bb

Medical rules... 3 medics per team... 6 bandages for each medic... bandages must be tied on the head of injured players... bandages can only be added to the ammunition base.

Respawn time 30min  Example18:30/19:00/20:00 

A mobile respawn point will also be used. At his respawn instant.

Weapon reloading only at the ammunition base or during ammunition delivery once an hour if the transport reaches the checkpoint. 


In buildings single fire.

Payers must have a red rag of the dead, a flash light, preferably a red light to use when you are dead/injured